A little Gem and Wire
Aaron McCall
Artwork by Sarah Jean Anderson
Bare Essential Oil
Beads of Blue Waters
Bee Joyful Shop
BRITE bites
Cellar Door Preserves
Cindy’s Suds
Crafty Archivist & BRO HOUSE
Creative Loops Studio
Dobzie Wood by Burl Girl
Drunk’n Mosquito
Firefly and Dragon Studio
Flow Bathworks
Gemini Handmade
Good Life Naturals
Grand Traverse Sauce Company
Grassroots Henna and Design
Gusmo Harley
Haley Rose Design Studio
Happy Hens Farm
HC Lather Co
Hides and Stitches
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Hive to Home Candle Co.
HLC Stitched with Love
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I Felt It Up
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Porteen Gear, Inc.
Precious Bundles by Cramer
Red Hydrant Press
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Rose Water Designs
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Sister Bees
Straight From The Lake
Tessa and the Twins
The Lipstick Lens Print Shop
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Tough Skin, Soft Heart powered by Shannon Cohen, Inc.
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